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Win A Free Apple Watch Here!Do not miss out on your chance to win a free Apple Watch!  One lucky winner will walk away with Apple’s first wearable device.  If you do not win the free Apple Watch, you may still have a chance to win a Pebble Smart Watch, or a $50.00 iTunes gift card.  Join the free Apple Watch giveaway today!




Watch the video above for an upper hand in this Apple Watch giveaway.  Learn how to earn the most points possible from the free Apple Watch contest.  Watching the video to it’s completion will earn you an additional 250 bonus points when you click on the link at the end of the tutorial.

Free Apple Watch Giveaway 1

Want to win an Apple Watch? Enter our giveaway and you could be our grand prize winner! Runner ups can win a Pebble Smart Watch or a $50.00 iTunes Gift Card.



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51 thoughts on “Enter The Giveaway

  1. Apple watch was completely full of wearable gadget. . .
    People have never seen. . .
    Crafted design ever. . .
    Since steve jobs. . .

  2. That was a great video on how to earn points! I am going to go for the gusto as they say and got HAM on this contest!

  3. All you other people can just give it up now as this contest is going to be won by one person..and that is ME!

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