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If you are visiting this website, you are someone who knows how amazing the new Apple Watch is and are in the market for picking one up.  If you are like many people though, you do not want to spend a lot of money for another accessory for your mobile life.  I’m sure you have been to a bunch of other sites claiming to give away free products only to have you complete some type of survey or download something which only leads you down a path where you get nothing!  We hate those types of sites and are holding a legit Apple Watch giveaway where their are no forced downloads, surveys, or any scams whatsoever.  The only thing you need to do in order to win a free Apple Watch is to join our Apple Watch giveaway and promote the Apple Watch contest.  Not sure how to promote the Apple Watch giveaway?  We make it super simple to use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to earn points which will allow you to qualify to win a free Apple Watch and other awesome prizes!  All you need to do is register for the free Apple Watch contest, then click a few links and you can start earning huge points every day!  We even give you 150 points just for entering the free Apple Watch contest and liking us on Facebook!  We make it really easy to qualify for prizes in our Apple Watch giveaway that you really do not have any excuse to join our contest today!

Free Apple Watch Giveaway Contest

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Obviously our grand prize will be a free Apple Watch, we do have other prizes which will be given away as well.  People who do not earn enough points for the free Apple Watch can still qualify for a Pebble Smart Watch, as well as $50.00 iTunes Gift Cards.  Our giveaway is simple to understand, each prize requires a contestant to earn a specific amount of points by easily sharing the free Apple Watch contest using social networking, social media, and even email.  Once someone qualifies for a prize, their name is automatically entered into our system to be randomly drawn once the contest ends.  If someone earns enough points for the Apple Watch, they automatically earned enough points to be entered into our other prize drawings as well and are technically able to win up to three prizes!

So why are we giving away a free Apple Watch and other amazing prizes?  We all know the saying that you do not get something for nothing…and while we are not asking you to pay us anything to enter our Apple Watch giveaway, we do benefit from you earning points by promoting our Apple Watch contest.  Each time you Facebook like, tweet or G+ us, it helps our site attract more people.  The more you work on earning points, the more people learn about us.  So all you need to do to qualify to win an Apple Watch or other cool prizes is do what you probably are already doing on a daily basis and utilize social networks and social media to mention our contest to earn easy points.  Full details on earning points for this contest can be found here.

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If you want to be alerted about any updates to our site be sure to like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter or Google+.  Anytime anything new gets posted to our website, it will automatically be posted to our social media sites as well.  While we would love you believe you would be constantly visiting our site, we know you love your social networking sites just a bit more.  Get up to the minute announcements on your social media sites just by liking and following us.  We look forward to hosting this Apple Watch giveaway and are eager to see you join today!


First Free Apple Watch Giveaway Winners!

It’s been a long time coming for those that got in on this free Apple Watch contest a long while back.  Those with the most points know exactly what I am talking about here as they have been with us from almost the beginning.  The staff here at free apple watch never expected anyone to get over 10,000 points; yet three of our competitors surprised us be going all out and attaining over 20,000 points!  If we could give out more than one Apple Watch, we would have loved to give each one of our contestants who scored over 20,000 points a free Apple Watch.  Unfortunately that is not how the giveaway is structured though.  Below is the list of contestants who were eligible for the prizes in our giveaway.  The winners were randomly selected by our contest software and will be individually contacted using the email they registered with for our contest.

Eligible Contestants For Free Apple Watch Giveaway Prizes

The $50.00 iTunes Gift Card Winners

In revealing the winners, we will begin with the $50.00 iTunes Gift Cards.  In order to be eligible for this prize category, contestants needed to obtain at least 1,500 points during the free apple watch giveaway.  We were a bit surprised that only 7 people actually qualified for this prize as our tutorial video shows how easy it is to get 1000 points in a single day…which can be replicated every day.  Nonetheless, it is time to announce our iTunes Gift Card winners.

Win a $50.00 iTunes Gift Card in our free Apple Watch Giveaway


Congratulations to Rob Clark, Cynthia Deloach, and Javier Carr!  Each of you actually qualified for this gift card, as well as the Pebble Smartwatch based on the number of points you earned in the giveaway.  As multiple prizes could potentially go to the same person due to our random drawing software, lets see if any of you were able to pick any additional prizes.

The Pebble SmartWatch Winners

Win a Pebble SmartWatch Giveaway

Our second prize in our free Apple Watch giveaway contest was a Pebble SmartWatch.  Two lucky contestants are going to be receiving this awesome smartwatch within the next week.  In order to be eligible to win this prize, a contestant need to obtain 3000 points or more.  Again we had 7 people who were able to qualify for this prize.  The lucky winners of a brand new, free Pebble SmartWatch are Wilma Demarest and Jacob Rowe!

The Free Apple Watch Giveaway Grand Prize Winner

Win a free Apple Watch in our giveaway contest

Now the moment, we have all been waiting for…it is time to announce the winner of the free Apple Watch.  Only five people actually obtained 5000 or more points which made them eligible for our grand prize.  As mentioned earlier, we really want to give a big thank you to Wilma Demarest, William Gratton, Javier Carr, Carol Pratt, and Rob Clark for the shear amount of points they obtained just by sharing their contest link, posting about the contest on social media sites, and utilizing YouTube.  Unfortunately, their can only be one grand prize winner.  The winner randomly chosen by our software is William Gratton!  Our marketing team will be reaching out to you shortly to help you with choosing and ordering your Apple Watch based on your preferences.

Stay Tuned For Another Apple Watch Giveaway!

With the success of our first free Apple Watch contest, we are planning to run another contest in the very near future.  Hopefully we will see some of you again for the new contest when it starts up.  If you have any other prize suggestions please feel free to let us know in the comment section below this post.  We were a bit surprised that it came down to a one in five chance shot for someone to take home a free Apple Watch.  Those are probably the best odds out their for any giveaway.  Thins about that next time we have a contest as each person had a 20% chance at winning the Apple Watch.  Getting to 5000 points and more is obviously very attainable, you just need to check out our contest tutorial video or read the rules page to see how to earn the maximum points per day. Heck just watching the tutorial video in its entirety earns you an extra 250 points!  We try to make this Apple Watch giveaway as easy for you as possible and hope to see you again for the next one.  If you have not already done so, please like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or follow us on Google+ so you know exactly when the next contest is going to start up.  Anything we post to this website automatically gets sent to our social media pages.  Be the first to join our next Apple Watch giveaway for the best chance at earning the most points which would help ensure you qualify for the grand prize drawing.



The Giveaway Is Heating Up

Apple Watch GiveawayLooks like as of the time of this post, we currently have three people eligible for our top prize in our Apple Watch giveaway!  Just wanted to send a big shout out to Wilma Demarest, William Gratton, and Javier Carr!  Each of you has an entry to win an Apple Watch when our giveaway ends in May.

Anyone who is just getting started needs to do what these amazing competitors have done and start by watching our Apple Watch Giveaway Tutorial video.  In checking the contest backend, I can see that each of our top competitors have earned their bonus points from watching the video, and seeing how they are earning at least a hundred or more points a day on average shows me that they are taking the ideas from the video and putting them to good use.

Some tips for people just getting started, you can earn easy points just by liking our Facebook page.  It’s a single click on the contest page once you have registered and you get a free 100 points.  The next easiest way to earn big points is to watch our Apple Watch giveaway tutorial video which is on the contest page.  Be sure to register for the giveaway first and watch the video until the end.  At the end of the video, just click the link which proves you watched the video.  Once you open the page, your account will be credited with an additional 250 points!  Watching that video is critical to your success as it breaks down all of the ways you can earn points on a daily basis doing things you already do online.  Our top competitors have been using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, and email to share their links with people they know.  We have even seen some links coming from forums and other websites promoting the contest using the contestants unique contest URL.

If you have Facebook and Twitter, you can easily earn up to 200 points a day by sharing your contest link with your friends and followers.  Our tutorial video details that YouTube is actually the easiest way to earn huge points each day.  We know creating a video talking about our Apple Watch giveaway is not easy and we reward those types of submissions heavily.  Even subscribing to us on YouTube will help earn you points.  Liking our videos is also another easy way to gain points.

Their is still plenty of time to get involved with our Apple Watch giveaway.  Sign up today and start sharing your unique contest link with your friends, family, followers, and the world!  The more people you get to click the link, the more points you will earn.  Getting people to join under your link will also earn you huge points which has helped our leaders get to the point where they are today.  Wishing you all the best of luck in the Apple Watch contest.


The SmartWatch Giveaway Update

Update o The Free Apple Watch ContestThe Apple Watch giveaway is in full force and we just wanted to post a quick update!  Loads of people have been earning an extra 250 points just for watching the entire tutorial video on the Apple Watch giveaway page.  At the end of the video, all you need to do is click on the link and you will be taken to our congratulations page which will automatically credit your account with an additional 250 points!  Be sure to click on the link at the end of the video as just watching the video until the end will not automatically get you the points.  Watching the video not only earns you bonus points quickly and easily…it also teaches you how to earn thousands of points a day doing things you already do online!

Our biggest update is that we have extended our first Apple Watch contest out a little longer than we had originally planned.  The original giveaway was set to end on March 15th, 2015; however, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, announced during the Apple earnings call that the Apple Watch would begin shipping sometime in April.  Given the fact that the Apple Watch would not have been available to our winner had we ended the Apple Watch contest in the middle of March, we have decided to extend the contest into early June.  This gives you more time to really start promoting your contest link and getting other people to join under you to boost your points to qualify for our prizes!

The more you share your link on different social media platforms, the greater chance you have of qualifying for our prizes!  We make it super simple to share your unique contest link with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest by just clicking a button on our contest page.  It takes literally seconds to earn points and you can share your links via Facebook and Twitter up to 10 times a day for a maximum of 200 points between just those two platforms each day!  Be sure to view the contest rules page to see how easy you can earn points for our giveaway!


Our First Free Apple Watch Giveaway Is On!

Win A Free Apple WatchIt took a little time to get going but our first chance for you to win an Apple Watch is officially on!  The Apple Watch is predicted to be the number one selling smart watch when it is released in 2015.  With many different options available it will be possible to truly make the Apple Watch a unique accessory that fits an individuals look.  With multiple size face plates, different colors and various watch bands the customization options are pretty in-depth.

The cost for the new Apple Watches is still not currently known but we have seen some estimations running on a low end of around $350.00 all the way up to over $30,000.00 for a diamond designed Apple Watch.  While we wish we could be giving one of those diamond Apple Watches away for free our pockets unfortunately are not that deep.  We are however giving away a free Apple Watch to one of our lucky contest participants!  Our first free Apple Watch giveaway is currently running and is completely free to join!

Free Apple Watch Contest

All you need to do is earn points to qualify for all of our great prizes.  The third place prizes include three iTunes $50.00 gift cards.  All you need to do to qualify for this prize is earn 1500 points by the close of the giveaway.  If you qualify for the prize, our system will randomly draw names and the three people who are drawn will each win one of the gift cards.  Our second place prize is a Pebble Smart Watch.  Two lucky people who qualify for this prize will be randomly drawn by our software.  In order to qualify for the Pebble Smart Watch all you need to do is earn 3000 points by the end of the giveaway.  Our grand prize is a free Apple Watch.  The free Apple Watch winner will be randomly drawn by our software as well.  Anyone who reaches 5000 points or more will qualify for the ability to win a free Apple Watch.  It should also be mentioned that if you qualify for the Apple Watch, you are also eligible for both the Pebble Smart Watch and iTunes gift card drawings.  If you qualify for the Pebble Smart  Watch, you are also eligible for the $50.00 iTunes gift card drawing.

We have made earning points for our free Apple Watch giveaway super simple.  Most people today use websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites.  All you need to do is post on these social networking or social media sites and put your unique contest link in the posts.  Our contest page works directly with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and many other sites to already point you to where to posts your messages.  Posting to Facebook and Twitter from our contest page will automatically include your unique contest link.  Each time you post to those sites you earn points.  If people click your unique link, you earn points, and if people signup under your link you earn even more!  Creating a YouTube video promoting this contest can earn you the most points each day!  If you want to learn how to be the most successful with this contest be sure to watch the video on the free Apple Watch contest page.  As an extra incentive to just watching the free Apple Watch giveaway tutorial video, if you make it to the end of the video we will provide you with a link that will give you an extra 250 points!  After watching the video, you will see how you can qualify for the free Apple Watch in only a matter of days if you get on board with the various options of earning points that we offer.

We look forward to watching this free Apple Watch giveaway progress.  Be sure to like out Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for all of our free Apple Watch contest updates.


Is Apple Hiring Fashion Gurus To Help Sell The Apple Watch?


Win A Free <a class='interlink' href=''>Apple Watch</a>

Rumor has it that Apple is already hiring staff who have an eye for fashion in preparation for it’s launch of the Apple Watch.  Apple is promoting the new Apple Watch as it’s most personal device to date, and not just another tech device, but an actual piece of jewelry.  Apple has always been a company based on both functionality as well as amazing detail and quality.  It makes perfect sense that Apple would want the fashion world to accept its first wearable device.

According to 9toMac Apple is currently recruiting employees for their Apple Stores this month with fashion or luxury sales experience.  Angela Ahrendts, the former CEO of Burberry is leading Apple’s retail efforts for the multinational corporation.  With this news, could the release of the Apple Watch actually transform the current state of the Apple Store into something that more resembles a jewelry store?

With what is already typically a crowded place, Apple Stores are likely to get a nice make over prior to the launch of the Apple Watch.  The new fashion and luxury sales people will need dedicated space to present and detail the new line of Apple Watches.  As their are multiple versions of the Apple Watch it will require a more personal sales experience to allow the consumer to find the right look and feel for their needs.  Allowing consumers to try on different Apple Watches will help them determine which one is right for them.  This belief will most likely require a larger footprint in the Apple Store due to all of the various options available.

When it comes to options on the Apple Watch, consumers can choose between a 38mm or 42mm display, stainless steel, black stainless steel, silver, and gray aluminum finishes, and even 18 karat yellow or 18 karat rose gold.  On top of that, their are also six different watch bands all with different color options as

9to5Mac is predicting that Apple Stores will display Apple Watches behind glass in Apple Store type tables.  Apple has previously used these types of tables in September during the press and employee hands on area following the Apple press conference.  As people cannot try on items behind glass tables, hiring experienced sales people who are familiar with fashion and luxury items seems like a great way to sell to future Apple Watch owners.  In regards to teaching people how to use the new technology, Apple could schedule demos within the Apple Store so that consumers can learn in a group fashion instead of one on one with one.

This is a display table for the free Apple Watch

In an effort to ensure that the Apple Watch is not just another piece of technology and something the fashion world should take note of, Apple has recently had the Apple Watch featured in Vogue China.  The Apple Watch also made an appearance at Fashion Week in Paris, France.  Apple definitely wants to compete with high end watches manufactures and is doing a lot when it comes to marketing this new device as both a piece of technology that will make a persons life easier as well as a fashion accessory.  Hiring specialized sales staff who know how to sell high end products is a great move for Apple in order to get their high end smart watch into the hands of successful fashion oriented people.

So do you want an Apple Watch for the technology, or the way the watch looks…or maybe a combination of the two?  Let us know in the comment section below!  Remember that by commenting on our posts you are earning points for our free Apple Watch giveaway!  You can comment up to ten times a day on our posts and each comment earns you 10 points!   Our free Apple Watch contest is going strong and we encourage everyone to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with the progress of our free Apple Watch contest!