About Us

The staff here at Free Apple Watch are technology enthusiasts.  We enjoy reading about, reviewing and trying out the latest gadgets and gizmos!  Just because this site is dedicated to providing you an avenue to getting a free Apple Watch does not mean we all live to discuss Apple’s first wearable device.  This site will cover all types of news consisting of things related to Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, as well as products totally unrelated to Apple.  We have played with a ton of accessories for our portable devices and plan to post reviews on them as well.

Outside of the Apple universe, we also love to game on consoles as well as PCs.  Writing reviews on the latest and greatest games is another thing you can come to expect from us here!  We all like to have a good time and if you are looking for any specific reviews please feel free to let us know by using our contact us page!

As we have gotten this question a lot, people are always asking us why we are giving away a free Apple Watch along with other great prizes.  People always assume that this is some sort of scam as nobody can give away something for nothing.  Let me clear things up right away…this free Apple Watch giveaway is not a scam.  While entering the free Apple Watch contest is completely free and earning points is super simple, the proprietors of this fine website are benefiting from every point you earn!  When you share your unique contest link on various social networking and social media sites you are helping us grow.   While we do not force you to download anything or fill out any surveys our website does have a few ads which help keep us up and running.  The more people who visit us, the better chance we have of getting some ad revenue which will allow us to offer amazing prizes going forward.  We hope that at the minimum we can at least break even on our first free Apple Watch contest, and if we make a bit of profit on our ads, you can be sure that next time around we will offer even greater prizes!

We want to thank you for visiting our free Apple Watch giveaway site and hope to see you on our leader board!