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Check out the free Apple Watch Giveaway Leaderboard. If you do not see your name on the top of this board be sure to check out our rules and regulations page to learn how to earn the most points possible per day.

51.Mufaddal Najefy  60 Points
52.MANDI WUERKER  60 Points
53.Sierra Bell  60 Points
54.Leonardo Gallacio  60 Points
55.Gerardo Lujan  60 Points
56.Jackie Keeter   60 Points
57.Corey Gutierrez  60 Points
58.DJ worldwide  60 Points
59.Titus McTerry  60 Points
60.Mason N  60 Points
61.Daniel Osborn  60 Points
62.Dylan Pryor  60 Points
63.Will Young  60 Points
64.Justin Wu  60 Points
65.lucas Dell\'isola  60 Points
66.fransisca hernandez  60 Points
67.hannah draper  60 Points
68.angel blu  60 Points
69.Adefajo Sekayo john daud  60 Points
70.Bobby Morgan  60 Points
71.Rosie Macleod  60 Points
73.robert reynolds  60 Points
74.leanne greenins  50 Points
75.Haley Cherry  50 Points
76.Becky Davis  50 Points
77.Lachlan Kingan  50 Points
78.Tony Dhani  50 Points
79.David Mansour  50 Points
80.Mizzy Ornek  50 Points
81.Vera Wu  50 Points
82.Hailey Serafin  50 Points
83.Harrison Nation  50 Points
84.Alfie Williamson  50 Points
85.Ashley Billedeau  50 Points
86.haley barriga  50 Points
87.Donna Oulton  50 Points
88.Kayla Watanabe  50 Points
89.muhammad haswarey  50 Points
90.vithursan yoyo  50 Points
91.naila moore  50 Points
92.Beverly callahan  50 Points
93.Trey Standiford  50 Points
94.Lahcen Ghourabi  50 Points
95.Shawna Johnson  50 Points
96.Matt Whitticombe  50 Points
97.Sam scott  50 Points
98.Pauline poirier  50 Points
99.Aimee Tutton  50 Points
100.ionel gutan  50 Points
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If you do not see your name listed on the first page, you can check how many points you have earned by searching for your contest name in the search box above.  The leaderboard page for the free Apple Watch giveaway is sorted by the highest number of points.  Please checkout the tutorial video on the free Apple Watch giveaway page to see first hand how easy it is to earn points for the free Apple Watch, Pebble Smart Watch, and iTunes Gift Cards.  As a special bonus, if you complete the video you can grab an extra 250 points!

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